Search Engine Optimization

Employing SEO strategies that work

Confidant Media offers SEO services to help small, medium and large companies grow their business by ranking their websites on top pages of Google searches. Businesses today understand the necessity and the importance of maintaining an online presence, as the majority of people are logging in to the internet to search for products and services before making purchase decisions. More than 80% purchase decisions are based on information users find online before they make the actual purchase.
Our SEO experts are competent professionals with years of experience in handling international clients, and focus on driving traffic to your website. Our Search Engine Optimization strategies are channeled towards generating leads for your business by driving high traffic growth from search engines, and engaging the visitor with useful content. With effective on page optimization techniques, we are able to sustain the visitor's interest and portray your products and services successfully.

What we offer:

  • Off Page Optimization - Off Page optimization is an important aspect of SEO as these are the strategies that help bring traffic to your site from other websites. Link Building is the term used for links from third party sites leading visitors to your site, and this has seen a sea change in the recent years. Our SEP experts perform link building exercises designed to lead high quality traffic to your website.
  • On Page Optimization - Our SEO experts will look at the site structure, how the internal pages are linked to each other, improve the meta tags and perform a host of other tasks to ensure that the your site is optimized perfectly.
  • Content - Content constitutes both images and text. Video and audios are also part of content, and our SEO experts will place the right content in the right place to optimize your page.

Each project is different and our experienced SEO experts create and employ separate strategies for separate clients to meet their individual needs.

Confidant Media is a top SEO services company with offices both in Toronto and Kolkata with an international client base. We employ white hat methods to bring organic, natural traffic to your website and the highest ROI for your business.

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