Pay Per Click

What is PPC?

PPC (Pay per Click) advertising is paid online advertisement services that businesses invest in, when they want results from the very beginning. A major part of SEM (Search Engine Marketing), it reaches out to your online customers influencing and convincing them to invest in your products and services.

It is a paid version of online advertising that helps a business grow effectively and safeguards from bad investment. In this advertising model, business owner pays only when someone clicks on their ad online and is redirected to their site. It means that payment is only limited to the number of visits to your website. It helps in bringing only visitors who are looking for your products or services, thereby filtering unnecessary investment on your part.

Confidant Media has a team of expert PPC professionals who have gained years of experience in successfully launching and completing PPC campaigns for global clients.

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What our PPC services bring to your business

  • Focus your marketing communication only towards your TG (Target Group)
  • Bring in high quality traffic to your website
  • Generates leads
  • Increases ROI
  • Keep an account of generated sales and footfall on your site

Why should you hire Confidant Media for your PPC services?

Experience almost always wins. And so does expertise. At Confidant Media we bring you a balanced mix of both with results that define perfection. Our PPC professionals have years of combined experience in online advertising and will create an effective strategy to bring you maximized returns.

Our expertise lies in strategies including but not limited to:

  • Tracking the number of visitors to your website. We will put in place a strategy that works best for your business in bringing more footfalls to your site and work towards generating leads.
  • Our SEM team works in tandem with our online advertisers to optimize on high performing keywords based on different factors like location, target audience and time.
  • Taking your business to the international clients over the internet to give you a global presence.
  • Online advertising today is dependent on mobile handheld device users. We take those users into account when creating and marketing online ads to expand your reach.
  • We track performances every month, tweaking and adjusting strategies that keep your ads performing well every time. Monthly reports go out to the clients to keep them informed about the returns generated from their investment in our services.